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Taxi firms in Hanoi cut fee, four days after petrol price cut   2008-11-13 - VnMedia

The Secretary General of the Hanoi Taxi Association, Nguyen Hong Minh, said on November 12 that 50% of taxi firms in Hanoi have announced the taxi fee cuts to date, four days after petrol distributors announced the petrol price cut to VND 14,000 per litre.


The taxi fees decreases are between VND 500-1,000/km, or 10-20% lower than the previous level. Nguyen Minh proved to be one of the taxi firms which announced the taxi fee decrease at the soonest. On November 10, the firm announced the cut by VND 1,000/km to VND 8,000/km for the first 20 km and to VND 6,000/km for the 21st km and higher.


On November 11, many other taxi firms followed the move on reducing taxi fees. Huong Lua Taxi, for example, announced the cut of VND 1,000/km, or 20%, to the levels equal to Nguyen Minh’s. Taxi Net has slashed their fees by VND 500/km to VND 8,500/km.


Long Bien Taxi, which always offers lowest taxi fee, has also announced the fee cut by 20% to VND 7,500/km for the first 20 km and VND 5,500/km for the 21st km and higher.


Mai Linh Taxi has announced the modest decrease of just VND 500/km, applying as of November 14. The fee would be VND 10,000/km for the first 20 km. Mai Linh taxi is always the firm which will keep the highest fees.


According to Do Quoc Binh, Chairman of the Hanoi Taxi Association, the members of the association have agreed to cut the taxi fee at least by 10% of the total previous cuts since the petrol price was at VND 19,000 per litre. Binh said that petrol price accounts for 30-35% of the cost price of taxi fees.


The average taxi fee at the time when the petrol price was at its highest peak was VND 9,000/km for the first 20 km as firms raised the fee by 10-15%.

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