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Electricity price up, but businesses ignore energy saving plans   2009-02-20 - VietNamNet/NLD

Experts said that with the energy saving projects, enterprises can save 5-40% of the total electricity consumption. However, enterprises still ignore the projects.


Cau Tre Seafood Company can save 10% of electricity consumption thans to energy saving measures

As of March 1, 2009, the electricity price will increase by 8.92%, which spells that enterprises will have to spend VND3 trillion more on electricity bills. If enterprises apply measures to save up energy, they can save 5-40% of the total electricity consumption, a meaningful sum of money.


Energy auditing, what for?


In 2008, the HCM City Power Company joined forces with the HCM City Department of Sciences and Technologies to provide free energy auditing and provided solutions of energy saving for 60 enterprises which have the consumed electricity volume of over 3 million kwh per year.


The solutions proved to be useful: one of the enterprises could save VND15 billion in electricity bills a year.


However, as Le Van Anh Huong, Deputy Head of the Business & Finance Division under the HCM City Energy Saving Centre pointed out, a lot of enterprises are still indifferent to the energy saving program. Many enterprises have not applied the suggested solutions after they got the energy auditing.


Where’s the problem?


According to the HCM City Department of Sciences and Technologies, enterprises can absolutely save energy. Foodstuff processing enterprises can save 7% of electricity consumption, garment companies 10%, hotels 15%, big offices 10% and public administration 8%.


When asked why enterprises maintain indifference to the program, Huong said that enterprises dare not spend money on the energy saving investment projects.


Currently, enterprises only focus on simple measures, like changing the lightening system, using lamps, air-conditioners at suitable levels, while they find the energy auditing too complicated and time consuming. Huong said that in some cases, businesses were not cooperative when they was asked to carry out the energy auditing.


Meanwhile, businesses argue that the suggested solutions on energy saving are not really suitable to the characteristics of specific production fields. General Director of a garment export company in HCM City said that he refused free auditing as he learnt other businesses got nothing from the solutions.


Director of a seafood company in district 6, HCM City, said that the company now can save 10% of the electricity consumption thanks to the reasonable use of lamps, air-conditioners and restructuring the production process. However, he said that in the long-term, electricity saving can be implemented only when the company upgrades or installs new equipment with new technology.


“I really want to apply energy saving measures, but we still can’t,” he said.


A recent survey conducted by the HCM City Department of Sciences and Technologies in industrial zones and export processing zones showed that 51% of enterprises use low-level technology and 36% use medium-level technology. Huynh Tri Dung, Head of the Business Division under the HCM City Power Company, the out-of-date equipment and technology is the main reason behind the energy waste.


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