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Living together with new electricity prices   2009-03-04 - VietNamNet/NLD


Cutting expenses, arranging production shifts at non-rush hours, and using power-saving tools to improve competitiveness are things businesses are doing now to ‘live together with the new electricity prices’.


Nguyen Chien Thang, General Director of Scania Pacific Joint Venture and Chairman of the HCM City Fine Arts and Wood Processing Association, said that the company has signed export contracts for the whole year. Meanwhile, the fierce competition does not allow businesses to raise sale prices. Therefore, the company has no other choice than paying more for electricity and trying to cut its electricity consumption.


Scania Pacific has set up a division in charge of checking and reporting the electricity consumption of the company, so that the company can draw up reasonable measures to economise electricity.


Duong Quoc Nam, Director of Hoang Nam Company, specialising in processing woodwork, said that electricity accounts for 10% of production costs.


Nam said that previously, the drying system was kicked off many times a day when there were products that needed drying. Meanwhile, nowadays, a lot of products are gathered to be dried at the same time. The company has also rearranged production shifts in order to take full advantage of the low electricity prices at regular hours. The company’s lighting system has also been re-designed.


Pham Van Minh, Director of Phu An Sinh Foodstuff Trading and Processing Company Ltd, said that previously, two cold storage systems ran at the same time, while there is only one system running now.


Previously, the cold storage was opened several times a day, while it opens only twice a day now, for bringing merchandise in and out. The hot water system is now using solar energy. Meanwhile, production shifts have been arranged for non-rush hours to enjoy low electricity prices.


A lot of businesses have decided to purchase energy saving equipment in an effort to cut expenses on electricity. In fact, businesses thought of the investments right in 2008, but they still hesitated to spend money. However, the latest electricity price increase has urged them to go ahead with the plan.


Lai Anh Viet, General Director of the Saigon Plastics Joint Stock Company, said that the company has decided to install VFD (variable frequency drive) which will allow it to minimise its electricity consumption.


Cao Tien Vi, Chairman of the Saigon Paper Company, said that every month, the company has to pay VND3bil for the electricity. With the new electricity prices, the company will have to pay VND300mil more a month. The company has decided to spend several hundred thousand dollars to purchase power saving equipment.


“It is expected that the company will be able to get back capital in three years. However, the investment proves to be worth it to bring high efficiency and help reduce electricity consumption,” Vi said.

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