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Seminar fosters Vietnam-EU economic cooperation   2009-03-12 - VietNamNet/VNA

A seminar on Vietnam-European Union trade and economic relations was held in Hanoi on Mar. 11 to help domestic and European companies to find business partners and create long-term cooperative ties.

The seminar is part of a Mar. 10-13 visit to Vietnam by a delegation of businesspeople representing 60 companies from Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Spain.

During the course of the event, jointly organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, delegates discussed a wide range of issues, including commercial policies and business opportunities in Vietnam, transport infrastructure development and planning, and Vietnam’s tax reforms, necessary to meet WTO requirements.

Speaking at the workshop, the Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Le Danh Vinh, said that political and economic ties between Vietnam and Belgium, as well as the EU, have been continually strengthened and expanded.

Vinh said he hoped that, with the help of dynamic foreign businesses, Vietnam’s cooperative relations with Belgium and the EU, particularly in economy, trade, maritime shipping, tourism and culture, will develop rapidly in the years to come.

The Belgian Ambassador to Vietnam, Hubert Cooreman, said that Belgium-Vietnam cooperative ties have, over the past three decades, been consolidated in both scope and depth, laying a firm foundation for a sustainable partnership.

To bolster bilateral cooperation, Vietnam should play to its internal strengths to take a step forwards whenever the world economy bounces back, Cooreman said.

Statistics released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade reveal that Vietnamese-Belgian trade exceeded 1.3 billion USD last year, of which more than 1 billion USD came from Vietnam’s exports.

However, Belgian investment in Vietnam remains at a modest level, as the country had, by the end of 2008, poured just 77.6 million USD into 32 projects. Its investment has focused on heavy industry, food processing, agriculture-forestry, transport, services and construction.

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