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Retailers offer attractive promotion campaigns for May holiday   2009-04-22 - VietNamNet/VnMedia

Supermarts have launched a lot of attractive sale promotion campaigns for the May holiday in order to boost sales in the period of economic crisis.


Promotion campaigns ‘blossoming’


The May holiday will not come for another week, but Metro Thang Long has announced a promotion programme applied for April 16-29, under which many items available at the supermart have the attractive discount rates of 15-40%. These include TV sets, DVD players, consumer products and stationery.


Fivimart Tran Quang Khai was the pioneer in offering a holiday promotion as the supermart’s programme was kicked off early, April 10. The supermart is offering discount rates of 5-20% on all product items on display.


According to Doan Cong Thang, in charge of marketing affairs of Fivimart Tran Quang Khai, the promotion programme will end on May 5, 2009.


Big C Thang Long said that it is running against time, making hectic preparations for three simultaneous promotion programmes. The first is the ‘Viet fashion’ programme, under which 30-50% discount rates will be applied to garment products of local companies. The second programme is the ‘Consumer products festival’, under which 10-30% discount rates will be offered. In the third programme, BigC will offer price reductions of 10-50% on many essential commodities. Moreover, gifts will also be given to buyers during the programme.


According to Nguyen Thai Dung, Deputy General Director of Big C, the promotion programmes will start on April 22 and finish May 15.


HC, a home appliance and furniture centre, has announced it will offer big discounts on products sold on April 30 and May 1, including LCD TVs, cameras, air conditioners, electric pans and furniture.


For example, Toshiba’s energy-saving compact lamps will be sold at VND27,000, non-stick frying pan VND49,000, USB Transcend 2GB VND99,000, Asia electric pan VND239,000 (down by 14%), Sunday brand name set of 3 pots VND149,000 (down by 30%).


On May 1, Fivimart Dai La will officially launch a French-style bread production line, and will give 100 free loafs of bread to the first customers.


Prices still high


Vu Vinh Phu, Chairman of the Hanoi Supermart Association, said that offering price discounts to stimulate demand proves to be a necessary thing in order to boost sales in the current difficult period.


However, Phu said that the thing needs to be done more regularly, not only on Tet or holidays.


Phu said that the prices of input materials of many production fields have decreased sharply. Meanwhile, businesses now can enjoy low interest rate loans under the 4% interest rate subsidy programme. These things all allow producers to cut sale prices.


However, Phu said that nearly all product items available at supermarts have not seen price decreases, except vegetable oil, the price of which has decreased slightly from VND155,000 to VND145,000/5 litre can. Meanwhile, vegetables have even increased sharply in prices.


“The prices of essential products are 1.5-2 times higher than the price levels in 2007,” Phu said.


He went on to say that the pork price was VND45,000/kg in 2007, and now it is selling at VND80,000/kg, while beef has surged from VND65,000/kg to VND140,000/kg.

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