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Market penetrates strong resistance level.   0000-00-00 - SanOTC

Some investors had speeded up buying activities aggressively today which strongly pushed the market up but the other started to sell to take profit.


The belief of investors in long term had strongly supported market today and the selling pressure disappeared. The market had a session with high volume because of increasing demand.


The investors’ cheerful sentiment became higher and higher because of positive sign from global market. The America market advanced aggressively yesterday and it became a strong motivation of Vietnam Market. Moreover the market had supported by the loosen money policy of Sate bank of Vietnam.


Some blue chips had showed their strength at the beginning of session and they could support the market today such as BVS, KLS, and ACB. The market strongly was in good condition based on the greed of short term investors. The greed of investors had been improved because the global market had an optimistic signs and greed of short term investors was stronger.


Hasty opened the day at a big higher level than previous session and after that the uptrend had appeared in all session indicated by a big gain at the end of session. The fearful sentiment seemed to disappear as the demand increased in all session through high volume especially in some blue chips.


The Hastc index had penetrated the strong resistance level at 140 pt as it found at the end of session to 142.05 at 11 am and it was closing level. HaSTC closed the trading day showing a big gain of 5.3 pt or 3.88%. The trading volume was recorded 27.242.230 shares more than previous session’s volume. And trading value was valued at VND 759.68 billion filled for 22.548 orders.


The trading value was improved compared with previous session because of investors’ speculation in uptrend possibility in short term. The market gain did make losers lower than winners and in detail, the market showed 156 stocks advanced, 10 stocks declined and the rest unchanged.


Top 5 market cap showed some up signal when almost of them advanced with high volume. In detail ACB was up to VND 45.700 a share; BVS was up to 48.100 a share; KLS was up to 26.800 a share, PVI was up to VND 31.600 a share, VNR was up to VND 33.000 a share.


Today, foreign investors started selling aggressively as they sold some stocks with high volume such as VCG with 290500 units, KBC with 237500 units.

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