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LCD TV manufacturers scrambling for bigger market share   2009-07-23 - DT

Vietnam is believed to be the main target market for the world’s big electronics manufacturers in 2009. In order to scramble for bigger pieces of the LCD TV market, the manufacturers have been moving ahead with strategic plans.


Slow growth rate anticipated


According to DisplaySearch, a market survey company, in 2009, the total turnover of the LCD market will decrease by 16 percent from last year to $64 billion, while the TV market as a whole is forecast to see the decrease of 18 percent to $88 billion.


Except Samsung, which is still maintaining a high growth rate, a lot of big TV manufacturers in the world are now facing big difficulties. The TV production division of the giant Sony has incurred the loss of $2.3 million in the last three years, since it launched the brand name of Bravia for flat TVs.


The loss has been the reason behind Sony’s decision to shut down many workshops and lay off tens of thousands workers worldwide. It has been trying to hire other companies to make Sony TVs in an attempt to cut costs.


The fellow-countryman of Sony, Panasonic, proves to be late to adapt to the changes in the market as it still considers Plasma TV as its key product. The announced goal of Panasomic to sell 15.5 million TVs in 2009 to offset losses has been called unfeasible; meanwhile, it has announced a plan to cut 15,000 jobs and close 27 factories worldwide.


Meanwhile, Samsung has set the goal of selling 26 million TVs in 2009, despite the slow growth rate of the world’s market in 2009.


Impressive Vietnam


In Vietnam, according to GfK, a market surveyor, 95,000 LCD TVs were sold in the first quarter of 2009, equal to 1/3 of the volume sold in 2008 as a whole.


Meanwhile, sales of LCD TVs of Samsung increased by 80 percent in the first quarter in comparison with the same period of 2008.


It is expected that the total number of LCD TVs sold in 2009 will reach 500,000, higher than the 330,000 sold in 2008.


The impressive figures show that Vietnam remains a big and potential market for electronics companies. The satisfactory business results will likely serve as a driving force for manufacturers to concentrate on Vietnam’s market in 2009 instead of other regional countries.


Samsung chose Vietnam as the country in which to first introduce a new product in April 2009, the LED Samsung.


Competing fiercely


Big names in the electronics market, namely Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG, have been making every effort to expand their pieces of the market’s cake.


In 2009, it is expected that most consumers will focus on popular product items which can meet the requirements of daily use. In that market segment, Samsung has a big advantage as its sale prices prove to be ‘reasonable’.


Besides popular products, manufacturers, Sony, Panasonic, LG, are planning to launch high-grade products, including Full HD TVs with many outstanding functions which are friendly to the environment.


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