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Ford Vietnam may also have accelerator problems   2010-03-15 - Viet Nam Net

After Toyota, Ford Vietnam has also been accused of problems with its accelerator pedals. An enterprise owning five Ford Transits calls them “crazy cars” and has vocalized its complaints after only two years of use.


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The owner of the “crazy” Ford Transits is Thien Truong Joint Stock Company, which provides cargo and passenger transport services, headquartered on Kim Dong street in Hanoi.


Director Dau Xuan Ngoc explained that the cars were purchased from a Ford Thu Do sales agent in December 2007. The problems with being unable to control the speed were discovered right after the company received them.


In order to prove his denouncements, on the morning of March 12, Mr. Ngoc and three drivers of the company drove one of the vehicles to Thuyen Quang Lake  for reporters.


After driving the car around the lake, Huu Tho, a reporter of VnMedia told other reporters “The car accelerated even without gearing up the accelerator pedal.”


It is quite a surprise that even when driver the driver does not press the accelerator, the car automatically runs.


Thuc, a driver, complained that it is too dangerous to drive such cars. “We must be very focused so that we can deal with any sudden problems in the most effective way,” he remarked


Ngoc guessed that the Ford Transits manufactured in 2007 all had the same technical problems, while cars manufactured in 2008 do not.


“What have they done with the cars?” reporters asked the drivers.


“Service consultants of Ford Thu Do have many times confirmed the errors, but they have not done anything to fix the problems,” Ngoc replied.


He went on to say that the total value of the five cars is 2.8 billion dong. Ngoc had still been using the cars over the last two years until five days ago, when Ngoc reveals “he could not try any more” and asked Ford Thu Do to fix the problems.


“Ford Thu Do told us that this is a very new kind of error which it has never seen, and therefore, they cannot fix it. To date, the sale agent has not provided any written document in answer our request,” Ngoc added.


On March 11, Ngoc brought all the five Transits to Ford Thu Do headquarters and asked that the accelerators be repaired, but security officers threatened to call the police.


Hanoi Transport Association Chair Bui Danh Lien also arrived with Thien Truong Company to act as an intermediary and arbitrator, but he could not help.


Meanwhile, on March 12, Ford Vietnam released an official reply to the issue. The manufacturer said that the cars have not broken down nor suffered from any technical errors. This is just the function of “gas compensation” used in Transits with TCDi engines.


The Hanoi Transport Association has ordered that verification stations nationwide check the technical situation of all 16 seat Fords manufactured in 2007.


The order has also been sent to the National Transport Safety Council, the Vietnam Registration Authority, the Road Transport Agency and Ford Thu Do.

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