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Turkey keeps tariffs on Vietnamese shoes   2010-03-17 - Viet Nam News

The Foreign Trade Department of Turkey has announced an extension of safeguard measures on three categories of Vietnamese shoe imports over the next three years.

Brazil removes Vietnamese footwear from anti-dumping list

EC decision stamps on Vietnam’s footwear industry

Footwear exports to top $6.2 bil

The decision was made by the department in mid-February, according to a report officially released yesterday, March 16, on the website of the Viet Nam Competition Authority, which falls under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Shoes shipped to Turkey from August 10, 2009, to August 9, 2012 would be faced with the safeguards, which would gradually decrease over the three-year period.

In its investigation report, Turkish authorities claimed that the significant increase of Vietnamese footwear imports into the country between 2006-09 harmed Turkey's domestic production. Since that time, Turkish shoe makers have managed to improve their production. Based on these circumstances, Turkey has decided to extend the safeguard measures.

On July 11, 2006, Turkey made an official decision to impose safeguard duties on certain types of Vietnamese footwear made from rubber, plastic, leather and fabric. Tariffs ranged from US$1.8 to $3 per pair.

During the period that Vietnamese shoes were faced with duties, Viet Nam exported an average of 3 million pairs per year to Turkey, with an annual value of $5 million, according to the Viet Nam Competition Authority.

Viet Nam has faced trade safeguard measures on shoes from two other countries besides Turkey: the EU imposed anti-dumping tariffs on leather shoes, and Peru imposed anti-dumping duties on shoes made out of fabric.

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