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Indochina Airlines performs disappearing act in HCM City   2010-03-26 - VietNamNet/TT

No one knows where the headquarters of Indochina Airlines is and who they should call when they want to contact Indochina Airlines.


A Tuoi Tre reporter came to an address that was once the headquarters of Indochina Airlines on the afternoon of March 24 at 5 Dong Da street in Tan Binh District in HCM City. He was told by the building manager that Indochina Airlines gave back the office it leased as of March 15.


A driver was packing up office furniture to carry to an address in in District 3. Upon arrival, , the reporter saw a notice there that this was not Indochina Airlines and that their headquarters is at 5 Dong Da street in Tan Binh District.


At that moment, Ha Hung Dung, General Director of Indochina Airlines, turned up. When he was told that the headquarters was not at 5 Dong Da street, he replied: “I also do not know where the headquarters is, because I am just a shareholder.”


Tuoi Tre reporters tried contacting the Managing Director, the External Affair Director, the hot line and the fixed line of Indochina Airlines, but no one answered the calls. Even the official website of Indochina Airlines was inaccessible.


Deputy Head of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam Lai Xuan Thanh told the reporters yesterday that Indochina Airlines has not reported plans to resume operations or updated their information on settling debts.


Booking agents of Indochina Airlines and clients also complain that they have not received any notice about reimbursement for air ticket deposits.


Huong from Doc Lap Booking Agents in Tan Phu District revealed that Indochina Airlines still owes them 25 million dong. The airline also owes 30 million dong to another booking agent.


In a message sent to CAAV on January 28, Managing Director of Indochina Airlines Le Hong Pho provided three addresses for the three regions of Vietnam to which people can send their claims. The southern representative office is listed as Mr. Bui Nam Quan at 5 Dong Da Street, Tan Binh district in HCM City.


The building owners of the HCM City address confirmed that Indochina Airlines has moved with no forwarding address.

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