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Plastic bags hit with dumping duty   2010-04-01 - Viet Nam News

The US Department of Commerce has concluded that Vietnamese imports of plastic bags are unfair and constitute dumping.

Last Friday, the department announced its decision that producers and exporters of polyethylene retail carrier bags from Viet Nam had sold the bags in the US at 52.30-76.11 per cent below normal value and imposed countervailing duties.

The Vietnamese trade counsellor at the nation's embassy in Washington, Ngo Van Thoan, told Vietnam News Agency on Tuesday that the Vietnamese exporters had provided the Department of Commerce (DOC) with adequate data showing that Viet Nam's supports for its supporters are in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Organisation, but the US had still made an unfair decision based on its own views.

Under the DOC ruling, Chin Sheng Co Ltd, Fotai Viet Nam Enterprise Corporation, and Advance Polybag Co Ltd would be subject to duties of 0.44 per cent, 5.28 per cent and 52.56 per cent, respectively. All other producers/exporters would pay a duty of 5.28 per cent.

The US International Trade Commission is scheduled to make a decision on or about May 10, 2010, as to whether imports of plastic bags from Viet Nam materially injure or threaten to cause material injury to the US industry. If it determines that there is injury or threat of injury, it will require cash deposits or bonds on all imports of plastic bags. If it makes a negative determinations, the investigations will be terminated.

The petitioners for these investigations are Hilex Poly Co LLC of South Carolina and the Superbag Corporation of Texas.

Imports of plastic bags from Viet Nam were valued at an estimated US$43 million in 2009, down from $79.4 million in 2008, according to US data.

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