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IBM chosen for cloud computing   2010-11-30 - VNS

Viet Nam's developing ICT industry was given a boost last Friday when the Viet Nam National Institute of Software and Digital Content Industry (NISCI) selected IBM to provide hardware and software to develop a new cloud computing lab.

The Ministry of Information and Communications' NISCI is responsible for industry-related digital content planning, policy-making and strategy implementation in Viet Nam. It is also tasked with implementing information technology innovations and recommending relevant solutions to different Government agencies.

The institute had adopted cloud computing as a non-disruptive approach to their IT-based services, said Hoang Le Minh, head of the NISCI.

The new cloud computing lab will allow NISCI to assist local government IT organisations decrease testing time by up to 50 per cent. As a result, the institute will be able to focus on digital content delivery as well as training and development of high level IT resources for the local ICT industry.

"Cloud computing is an enabler of business transformation at which both Vietnamese and the world's ICT is targeting," Minh said.

He said he believed that IBM would be a trusted business partner which could support the institute in fulfilling its cloud research and testing tasks.

In 2008, IBM co-operated with the Ministry of Science and Technology in establishing the Vieât Nam Information for Science and Technology Advance Innovation Portal, an open pilot programme based on cloud computing.

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