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Businesses cutting down expenses on media campaigns   2011-06-02 - SGTT

Enterprises have been trying to cut down expenses to deal with the current difficulties, and the first thing they think of is to cut down expenses on communication campaigns.




PR officers becoming redundant





PR (public relations officers) are considered very important officers for enterprises when enterprises do business well and want to expand the markets. However, this is not true in the time when enterprises have to scale down production and cut down expenses in crisis periods.




This can explain why many PR officers have become redundant nowadays at many enterprises. Nguyen Thu Ha, a PR officer of a big education institution in Hanoi, has become a sales officer. The PR division, where Ha worked before, comprised of three persons, who undertook a big volume of works, from carrying out campaigns for brand communication, product communication, to publishing newspaper for the internal staff, and organizing internal events. It is estimated that the company spends 1-2 billion dong every year on the items.




However, the budget has been cut down by 70 percent since the beginning of the year. The officers of the PR division now do not have to carry out the events for brand and product communication any more. What they simply do are just internal works.




“If we sometimes carry out the campaigns for brand development, we will do this on the places where we do not have to pay fees, such as social networks, or the places which require low fees,” Ha said.




After a short time of working under a new strategy, Ha decided to move to the sales division. The boss sometimes told the PR division that the division does not work effectively and that it seems that the division has more officers than needed. Ha’s colleagues, who are still working for the PR division, now only focus on free-of-charge activities, because of no budget for other activities.




Big changes have been reported from the Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology FPT. When Truong Dinh Anh took the office to replace the predecessor, a workforce restructuring occurred where officers of the administration and media divisions were laid off.




At FPT, media officers, who worked for subsidiaries, have been asked to move to the holding company. If subsidiaries want to keep jobs for officers, they have to arrange other jobs for the officers.




“I know some PR officers, who have been asked to take other jobs, and they have decided to quit FPT because the jobs do not fit them,” a source said.




Incomes of media companies going down




Alicom, which specializes in providing communication services, has reported that its turnover has decreased dramatically by 40 percent in the first six months of the year in comparison with 2010.




Nguyen Tuan Anh, Deputy General Director of Alicom, said that the company’s apparatus is small, with a modest number of staff. However, the company still finds it difficult to pay to workers in the context, where the turnover is on the decrease.




“I still do not plan to lay off workers, but if the current situation cannot be improved, I will have to think of narrowing the workforce,” he said.




Dolab Company, a job service provider in Hanoi, has also complained that the number of successful transactions between employers and employees in the advertisement and media sector has been on the decrease.




Ho Tuan Anh, Director of the company, said that the number of candidates who are looking for jobs, has been increasing, while very few employers seek workers these days.




“Some companies told us that they wanted to seek PR officers, and asked us to show tens of CVs of candidates. However, they later gave up the recruitment plan, citing many reasons,” he said.

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