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The strange but lucrative services   2012-05-22 - VietNamNet

The common characteristic of all the services is that they do not require big investment capital, but they still can bring fat profit.

Virtual offices prosper

As more and more businesses decide to use virtual offices in the hard times to cut down expenses, the virtual office service providers have been prospering.

Huynh Quang Viet, General Director of Incomnet, said that the cost to maintain a virtual office is just equal to 10 percent of the cost for leasing a real business premise. Meanwhile, with the modest expenses, businessmen would have everything they need like at real offices. This explains why the number of clients has been increasing rapidly.

The virtual office service has been officially recognized by the State, while the obstacles relating to tax and licenses have been settled. It is estimated that there are 20 operational service providers on the market, including many foreign invested ones.

Analysts have predicted that the virtual office service, which mostly targets young businesses which work basically on Internet, and foreign enterprises, which need virtual office network to set up more branches and expand the operation coverage, would have a very bright future.

“Happy birthday” services always in high demand

While most of event firms consider birthday services as just an auxiliary business, Chuc Mung Sinh Nhat Joint Stock Company considers this as its main business activity.

In targeting a niche market, the company has been staying safe from the economic downturn, because birthday, one-year-old birthday, or longevity parties are the essential services, even though when people try to tighten their belt in the economic difficulties.

“We offer different small service packages for easier choice,” said Nguyen Quynh Sa, the company’s director.

Earning money with the job of pulling grey hairs

“Moc” on Ba Hat Street in district 10 of HCM City, a well known hair service shop, has always been full of customers. Appeared in HCM City in 2008, Moc was the first shop in the city which provided the hair treatment services. It is a branch of “Mo” brand headquartered in Hanoi.

The shop opens form 8 am to 9 pm, but the peak hours at the shop are from 11:30 am to 1pm.

Dang Tuan Duong, the manager of “Moc”, said that the demand for having grey hairs pulled is in demand, and that not only men, but women also like the service.

In general, customers have to pay 70,000 dong for every hour. And the income from the hair pulling service alone is high enough for Duong to pay the business premises fee, workers’ salary and make profit.

Taking care of pets

Taking care of pets, a service which is considered “luxurious” in the hard times, turns out to be very lucrative and it does not bear the influences of the economic downturn.

Van Huy Phuong, the Manager of Phuong Anh Pet Mart, said the number of people having pets has been increasing rapidly. Most of the people are from the upper classes in the society which have not been influenced by the economic difficulties. As they love their pets, they do not regret spending money to protect the pets and make the pets more beautiful.

Phuong said that Phuong Anh Pet Mart undertakes 20 cases per month of taking care and bathing cats and dogs. Besides, it also sells feed and toys for the pets. At the “pet beauty salons”, pets can be taken care, have healthcare and wear perfume.

The service fee is relatively high, 300,000 dong for every time. However, there are so many customers that they have to book in advance before getting served.

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