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One stop shops now favored in Vietnam   2012-07-12 - NLD

More and more one stop shops have been set up in big cities since the day the first shop of this kind appeared on the market one year ago.


Retailers nowadays tend to set up shopping centers and shops with large areas which can offer a multitude of products and services to customers. The products available here are diversified in styles, designs and prices. Customers just need to go to one shop to look for many different kinds of goods and services suitable to them.

One stop shops is a growing tendency

After the first one stop shop opened at Crescent Mall in district 7 of HCM City in 2011, Thoi Trang Viet (Viet Fashion) Company has opened four more Ninomaxx Concept shops just within the last two months. The shops are located at Savico shopping mall in Hanoi, in Dong Thap, Bac Lieu and Can Tho provinces.

Thomas Ngo, General Director of Thoi Trang Viet, said the company plans to have 15-20 Ninomaxx Concept shops by the end of 2012. Each of the shops would have the minimum area of 400 square meters, where 1000-2000 product items are displayed.

The products to be available here are not only the ones of Thoi Trang Viet (with Ninomaxx, MaxxStyle and N&M brands), but also ties, footwear, handbags and jewelries as well. He said Thoi Trang Viet would join forces with some other businesses to provide a wide range of products through Ninomaxx Concept distribution chain.

Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc (Happy House) Joint Stock Company opened a construction material and interior product supermarket in Binh Duong province in May 2011. Those people, who go there, can find all kinds of products needed for their houses, from tiles, sanitary ware to chairs, bed and decorating things.

On the telecom market, CMC Telecom has also provided one stop shop services. Thien Hoa and Nguyen Kim, the two well known home appliance suppliers, have also been following the model when expanding their distribution networks. Home electrical appliances, electronics, entertainment equipments, IT equipments, mobile phones all can be found at the distributors’ shops.

Deep investments needed

Huynh Ngoc Huong, General Director of Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc, has revealed that the supermarket would have an 800 square meter area for displaying interior products with European classical style.

Huong said with the all-in services, customers would find all suitable products while they do not have to drop into different shops, thus allowing them saving 80 percent of the time on traveling, choosing samples and making transactions.

Analysts have commented that one stop shop would be the “model of the future.” Unlike general supermarkets and shopping malls which display tens of thousands of product items in different fields, one stop shops specialize in certain products of the same production fields. Therefore, the shops would be the top choice for people, especially those, who need high grade products.

However, though forecasting that this would be a growing tendency, the analysts have admitted that the boom of one stop shops would not be seen in the immediate time, since the national economy is still in difficulties.

Some businessmen have revealed that they have been planning to set up the shops of this kind for a long time, but the projects have been delayed due to the current unfavorable conditions.

Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc, for example, after opening Domus Center in Binh Duong province, plans to set up other centers in HCM City and some other provinces. However, the plan has been delayed until more optimistic signs can be seen.

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