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New border gate opens to Laos   2012-07-13 - VNS

The Ten Tan-Xom Vang border gate between Viet Nam's Thanh Hoa central province and Laos' Houaphan Province officially became national border gate yesterday.

The border gate also marks the 50th anniversary of Viet Nam-Laos diplomatic ties.

Kham Hung Huong Vong Si, secretary of the Houaphan Provincial Party Committee, said the border gate would enable freer trade between both countries and also promote the friendly relations in investment and tourism.

Thanh Hoa and Houaphan provinces share 192km of borderline with three border gates at Na Meo-Nam Xoi, Ban Kheo-Tha Lau and Ten Tan-Xom Vang.

Thanh Hoa and Houaphan provinces have already built 89 border markers. Another three are awaiting completion.

National border marker number 281 was also used for the first time at the ceremony to open the new border gate yesterday.

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