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First property trading floor in the northern region   2008-09-14 - VNA




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































A real estate trading center of the Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)

 A real estate trading floor will be opened here at the end of this month by the Vietnam Commercial Bank for Private Enterprises (VP Bank).

The bank expects to improve the transparency of property transactions, facilitate payment options and stimulate the current lag in the domestic property market by offering new services, Le Dac Son, VP Bank general director said.

“This property trading floor falls under the bank’s development plan. VP Bank will act as an intermediary to provide capital to both real estate investors and buyers”.

Located in the Kinh Do Building on Tay Son street, it will be the first real estate trading floor to reach the new standards set forth by the Ministry of Construction in the northern region, the bank adds.

Professional support will be provided by the House Management Department of the Ministry of Construction.

New services will include assessment, consulting and assistance with legal issues. Property management, brokerage, and auction services will also be provided.

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